Hibiscus Flower

I took this photo after the hibiscus flower first bloomed in my front yard. Often referred to as the Hawaiian flower, this plant has many uses. It is edible, and can be drunk as a tea, made into a garnish, & cooked in soup. Some claim that it can calm an upset stomach. Although I must admit that I have never had the urge to eat a hibiscus flower. I am content to just admire it.


Moulin Rouge (1952) Film Review

Last night I watched the film Moulin Rouge from 1952.

“Dance At The Moulin Rouge” – You can almost feel the movement of the dancers.

Directed by John Huston & starring Jose Ferrer as the artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec,  this film is rather simple,  beginning with a can-can scene at the Moulin Rouge in 1890 Paris.

The first thing I noticed was how beautiful the costumes were.  Continue reading “Moulin Rouge (1952) Film Review”

Mama Duck With Babies Photographs

There’s a gang of ducks that lives in my neighborhood. I’m not exactly sure how they first got here, but all I know is that they are aDuckable! (Yes, that is my attempt at a  pun.) Anyways, whenever they come waddling by my house, I try & take as many photos as possible. They are just too cute! Taken July 2016



Pink Lily.jpg

The Roman myth of the lily:

As Venus, the Goddess of love, rose out of the ocean, she saw a lily. Venus became jealous & threatened by its beauty, & gave it a pistil in the center, hoping that this would make the flower ugly.


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