My Super Late Thanksgiving Post – With a Bad Pun!

Happy belated Thanksgiving. I know that I’m five days late, but considering that Cyber Monday was just yesterday, I’ll just count it as one day :p

Here’s my drawing of a turkey that is the level of a five year old in Kindergarten, and if you think that’s bad enough, just wait, there’s more! I couldn’t resist adding in a horrible pun to go along with it!


So, how was everyone’s Thanksgiving weekend? Did you spend it stuffing yourself with turkey & mashed potatoes? Maybe you had to bite your tongue while listening to relatives you never get along with, or you could be a lucky soul that just stayed home & relaxed. I did all of the above.

Some of you must have been ripping apart others for a discounted flat screen T.V. during Black Friday, which is totally insane but I love you anyways. I’m not really of fan of shopping any time of the year, so I skipped that mess and ordered some things on Cyber Monday. (Thrilling, I know :p)

Anyways, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Gobble, gobble!


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Artist & writer that promotes transcendence through art & dissent through satire.

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