2016 Christmas Art Contest Winners!

It’s been hard for me to get into the Christmas spirit this year due to the 80 degree weather I am currently experiencing. Yes, I know you’re rolling your eyes at the thought of me complaining about the heat, but for most of my life I lived in a place that actually went through the four seasons, so I’m used to a cold winter.

Instead of traveling far to experience a white Christmas, I decided to create a contest on Fine Art America entitled “Let It Snow.” Contestants could subject up to two pieces of art in any medium as long as it contained snow.

Nearly 500 pieces of art were submitted! The contest has just ended, and the first place winner is…

*Amy Porter! Congratulations! Her photograph of a young buck entitled “Winter Buck” shows the beauty of the falling snow in Connecticut.


(This image is available for purchase on Fine Art America. Check it out here!
***I do not own this photograph. This image is owned & copyrighted to Amy Porter.)

For Ms. Porter, photography has been a lifelong passion. When she’s not working in the field of science and technology management, she enjoys showcasing the beauty of nature with her photographs. She has been a member of Fine Art America since 2013 and has over 60,000 visitors. Please feel free to check out her photos, which are available for purchase, by clicking here to visit her profile.

* There are two people tied for second place!

They are:

-Jetson Nguyen’s photograph of the Zion National Park in Utah entitled “Court Of The Patriarchs In Snow At Zion National Park.” Check it out here!


-Henryk Gorecki’s oil painting of a scene from the Holy Cross Mountains in Poland. Check it out here!

*There are three people tied for third place!

They are:

-Anthony Forster’s watercolor painting of sheep in snow entitled “Winter’s Twilight.” Check it out here!

-Sharon Duguay’s acrylic painting of a girl kissing a snowman entitled “Twinkle in his Eye.” Check it out here!


-Sarah Batalka’s painting of a truck driving through snow entitled “The Road Home.” Check it out here!


Thank you to everyone who participated! I really enjoy looking through all of your amazing artwork!

Here’s a link to all of the entries in the contest! Please check them out & keep in mind that all of these artists have work that is available for purchase on Fine Art America!

I hope that everyone has a safe & happy Christmas! Don’t drink too much eggnog! (That’s my job.)


Doodles of 11/27/16 – With A Blog Post


I’m not exactly sure why I want to punish my readers with this eye sore, but I just needed an excuse to get away from the holiday madness so here are my doodles of 11/27/16.

There’s four turkeys since I was practicing for my Thanksgiving drawing with the horrible pun that’s so bad that I must repeat it:

Q. “Why do turkeys not eat anything on Thanksgiving”

A. “Because they’re always stuffed!”

There are some really bad scribbles, and a drawing based off the character of Cesare in the German silent horror film from 1920 called “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.” I usually struggle with watching silent films, but I find that the horror films become even more terrifying due to the grimy quality of the equipment of the time.

The woman’s face on the bottom is based off Greta Garbo. I had just watched the film “Ninotchka” (1939) which I enjoyed very much.

Anyways, I was just wondering how high my reader’s stress levels are this holiday season. Christmas is just over two weeks away, and I must admit that I’m not prepared at all! The holiday commercials are really making me panic. Surely I should have already gone into 20k debt already to really get into the Christmas spirit. That’s how it works, right? :p