Review of Koh-I-Noor Woodless Color Pencils (12 Pack)

I bought these pencils in January from Amazon. Although they were only $7.91 at the time, I did have high expectations due to the positive reviews.

These did not disappoint. Unlike most other pencils, they are made entirely of graphite. Instead of a wooden outer layer, there is a lacquer based coating to prevent the color from coming off on your hands. This helps extend their longevity.

But one downside to this is that they are more fragile. A few weeks ago, I dropped the case and the yellow pencil broke in two, but this does not really matter since I will just sharpen the other piece when needed.


The colors are smooth and very pigmented. I took these swatches of the pencils by putting down two layers of color with very light pressure. Most of the names are not very creative, except for “Hooker’s Green” of course. They all blend very well, but my favorite colors so far have been “Light Yellow,” “Carmine,” and “Light Blue.”

IMG_20170806_113117 (2)

These pencils are neither hard or soft. Their weight is similar in that they are neither heavy or light. Maybe I should call them the “Goldilocks’ pencils?

The plastic tin that they come in is very handy to keep all the pencils in place. It measures about ½ an inch high. I just use the tab at the top to pull it out from the paper covering.

Overall, I think that these pencils are excellent if you are looking for high quality at an affordable price.

Have any of you tried these pencils? If so, comment your opinion on them below!


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