dark pink ocean (2)

Amandogart is a collection of my drawings, paintings, photos, and writings.


I am less than 120 years old, but more than 20. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a decent painting between that time frame.


My favorite materials are watercolor & ink. I am influenced by many different sources, from William Blake and Michelangelo – to cave paintings and rock album covers.


The topic I enjoy writing about the most classic literature, but I occasionally veer into other subjects that interest or enrage me.


I sell prints of my art via Fine Art America. I also host art contests on there & feature the winners on this blog, allowing you to discover the best artists around (much better ones than me :p)


When I’m not working, I enjoy listening to music, writing poetry, playing with my chiweenie, and making bad jokes (clearly).


Thanks for visiting!