Ready to Kiss – Minimalist Line Drawing

A simple drawing of male & female faces in profile ready to kiss.

faces kissing 6
(Prints available on Fine Art America.)

Inspired by the drawings of Cocteau.


Hummingbird Eying Cardinal Flower Drawing

The hummingbird loves red flowers due to their high content of nectar. In this drawing, the hummingbird is eying a cardinal flower.

hummingbird amandog

(Prints are available for purchase on Fine Art America.)

Male Figure 2 Drawing – along with a short update

This was my first real attempt at drawing the male figure.

2016 simple male figure drawing - small version for blog

(You can check it out on Fine Art America along with my other drawings by clicking here.)


An update:

I know that I have not posted on here since St. Paddy’s Day. No, I was not off on a drunken adventure. I was moving instead. So there’s my short update :p I already have a few ideas in mind for new drawings, and now that I’m settled in I will post more regularly. Hopefully.

Walking the Dog Drawing


I got the idea to do this drawing after seeing the artwork & listening to the soundtrack of one of my favorite films, “Mon Oncle (My Uncle)” by Jacques Tati If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to a funny clip: Kitchen Scene

Anyways, I used a black colored pencil to outline the figures & blue & pink watercolor for color. Prints are available for purchaseĀ on Fine Art America.

I hope that you don’t think this drawing is too Pawful ^^ (I just couldn’t resist making a bad pun.)

Blue Flowers Drawing/Painting

I wanted to add something different to my artwork, and decided that the easiest way was to add a different material. I bought a set of pearlescent watercolors, and this is the first result of my efforts with them:


(Prints of this are available for purchase on Fine Art America.)

I used blue colored pencil to draw the flowers, green to draw the stems, and white to blend it all together. I then used red, green, yellow, and black watercolors to fill in the background space.

Pink Lily.jpg

The Roman myth of the lily:

As Venus, the Goddess of love, rose out of the ocean, she saw a lily. Venus became jealous & threatened by its beauty, & gave it a pistil in the center, hoping that this would make the flower ugly.


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