Rant of 2/27/17 – Pretentious artists


Get ready for this rant. It may not make much sense since I get so fired up just thinking about it, but here I go:

  1. Pretentious artists

Even so often I come across a quote by someone that is just so snobby and elitist my head wants to explode. It usually involves an artist saying how they are motivated to create because they want to save the world, or how their work is so important that if they stooped so low as to, *gasp*, work at a “normal job,” the world would stop spinning.

Creating art shouldn’t be reserved for only a select few chosen ones, especially with the internet. Just look at my blog. I’m a person that enjoys writing, drawing, & taking photos. Am I the best ever at it? No. But I’m always trying to improve.

Most children spend their free time creating. It’s a natural thing to want to draw or dance or sing. When you’re a kid, you don’t really care if it’s good or not. You’re not concerned with sounding or appearing to be intelligent & oh so “artsy fartsy.”

It also shouldn’t be something that you can only understand if you get a four year liberal arts degree. Art, or at least some forms of it, should be available to everyone.

Maybe it’s because I’m surrounded by people that work “normal” jobs, including myself, but I cannot listen to the gibberish that comes out of some people’s mouths about how much more important they are than the “average” person.

This rant was set off by someone saying how artists are the only people that get to celebrate life. I won’t say who, but you can figure it out with a quick google search if you’re that curious :p

Anyways, I hope that the internet helps destroy this pretentiousness. It’s so easy to create a blog & share your work that anyone can do it. I know that many people find this to be a bad thing, but they are probably the snobs that I am complaining about.

End of rant. So what do you think? Is there a pandemic of snobbery among art lovers? Or maybe you think that I’m being the ultimate in pretentious by hating on pretentious people (does that make any sense?) Comment below!

Rant of 2/22/17 – Anger & National Days


Not exactly sure why I am putting any of my readers through this, but this post is just going to be me ranting about 2 random things.

  1. The demonization of anger

-Anger. It’s an emotion that most people view as negative. Just google anger & you’ll see that many of the results are about how to suppress it. Of course it’s important to not let yourself freak out over every little nuisance like this kid:

*Kid freaks out and breaks school ipad

But anger in moderation can be very useful. When I’m going through a hard time I get depressed. Instead of fighting back against it I want to just sleep because I am so exhausted. But anger gets you moving.

  1. National days

-Since when did everyday become a national day of something? Love your pet day, bagel day, pizza day, donut day, people with the last name of z day (yes, it’s real.)

Am I forgetting something, or did this just become popular in the past few years? Can anyone help me answer this important, life changing question before I get into an existential crisis ^^ (yes, this is sarcastic.)

What do you think, chiweenie?


Okay, I better go and chill out now :p

Groupthink vs. Creativity


Groupthink seems to have gotten worse in this era of social media. If you have a differing opinion on any subject, you risk the chance of being blocked, a digital form of shunning. If one does not tow the line that society has manufactured, you will face resistance & repulsion from those that are under the spell of perceived “trendiness”.

Creativity & individuality are a threat. If you are able to think for yourself, it is harder for those in power to control you. Although conformity is nothing new, it is hard to ignore the propaganda. Various tools & systems, such as television, public schools, & the internet are all used to indoctrinate.

But if these tools can be used to brainwash people, they can also be used to share information & creativity. The internet is the easiest way of doing this. Instead of blocking those that you disagree with, it is much more productive to have a dialogue with them. The following quote by Thomas Jefferson puts this into perspective.

“I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend.”

Life is really boring when surrounded by yes men that agree with everything we say. To hell with that. I love talking with people that I disagree with. The conversations are much more intense & meaningful, rather than just having a chat that is filled with nodding your head yes, yes, yes.

Go on, be yourself. Say what your opinion is, even if it’s not popular. Why waste time pretending to be someone you’re not? Life’s too short for that nonsense.

Be the weirdo that you were always meant to be!

Follow Your Bliss – Simple Life Advice From Joseph Campbell


Joseph Campbell was a writer who focused on mythological stories from all around the world. His most famous work is The Hero With A Thousand Faces. My favorite quote from him is simply, “follow your bliss.”

This advice is pretty straighforward.

If you build your life around things that bring love & joy into the world for yourself & others, you will live a life that is pure & fulfilling.  Continue reading