Simple Dachshund Drawing



(Physical prints of this drawing are available on Fine Art America.
Digital downloads of this drawing are available on Etsy. )

Dachshunds, aka wiener dogs or hot dog dogs, are known for their intelligence & stubbornness. They can also be aggressive to strangers, but given their funny shape and small size, it’s hard for them to seem too intimidating! Like many other small breeds, they were originally developed to hunt animals like badgers & rabbits.

Here’s my drawing of a one. I wanted to keep it simple because their shape is just so ridiculous and noticeable. 🙂

Mama Duck With Babies Photographs


There’s a gang of ducks that lives in my neighborhood. I’m not exactly sure how they first got here, but all I know is that they are aDuckable! (Yes, that is my attempt at a  pun.) Anyways, whenever they come waddling by my house, I try & take as many photos as possible. They are just too cute! Taken July 2016