Cartoon Drawing Inspired by the Glamour of Golden Age Hollywood


I have always enjoyed watching films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, so I decided to draw something inspired by it.



The hair is inspired by Veronica Lake, a starlet who is remembered for her ‘peek-a-boo’ hairstyle where one eye is covered by a lock of hair. This hairstyle was extremely popular in the 1930’s, but it went out of fashion during WWII when the women went to work in factories and had to keep their hair back so it wouldn’t get caught in the machines.

The eyebrows and eyes are inspired by Greta Garbo, the most famous actress of the era. Her eye makeup was intended to create a sleepy, mysterious look, which is said to have influenced Marilyn Monroe’s makeup.

The lips are inspired by nobody in particular. I just wanted to make it look as glamorous as possible. :p

Witch Hat Drawing – Happy Halloween 2016!


Witches are one of the most popular symbols of Halloween. They conjure up images of flying broomsticks & boiling cauldrons (pun intended).


(This drawing is available for digital download on Etsy. Check it out here!
Physical prints are also available for purchase on Fine Art America!)

I first sketched out the shape of the hat & spider with pencil, and darkened the lines with marker.

I then scanned the photo and edited it in GIMP (a photo editing program). I filled in the sections with various colors, put in some dots, and used a filter that made the texture appear more like cloth.

I hope you like the end result!

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

Whimsical Witch Cat Drawing


Since Halloween is only a few days away, I decided to combine two of the holiday’s most famous symbols – cats and witches.


(This drawing is available for purchase as a digital download on Etsy!)

Here the cat is snoozing away while flying on a broomstick.

It’s no wonder why these two are such popular symbols of Halloween. Cats have long been believed to have psychic powers, while witchcraft has brought about feelings fear and curiosity.


Black Cat on a Pumpkin Drawing – 2 Versions


I have always loved Halloween, and since it’s only a couple of weeks away, I decided to combine two of it’s symbols into one drawing: the black cat and the pumpkin.

Cats have long been believed to have mystical powers, while jack o lantern’s were used to ward off evil spirits.

Here is the first version:

Cat Pumpkin 8x10 new.jpg

(This drawing is available for download on Etsy! Click here to check it out!)

I sketched out the shape with pencil, darkened the lines with marker, and colored it with markers and pencils.

For the second version, I edited the pumpkin digitally to make it appear as if it was a mosaic.


D Cat Pumpkin 2 mosiac cropped.jpg

(Prints of this drawing are available on Fine Art America! Check it out here!)

Which one do you prefer? Comment below!

Blue Hummingbird Drawing – Minimalist


The hummingbird is an amazing little creature. They are the smallest birds in the world & remember each flower they have been tod-hummingbird-1_new

(Physical prints of this drawing are available on Fine Art America.
Digital downloads are available on Etsy.)

Their beauty is so eye catching that I wanted to keep this drawing simple. I drew the outline lightly with a pen, then darkened and colored it with markers.