The winner of the St. Paddy’s Day art contest is…


Kaye Menner! Congrats. Her photograph, entitled “Geranium Leaves – Reflections On Pond” really captures the beautiful color green for St. Paddy’s Day!

irish winner

***I do not own this photograph. This image is owned & copyrighted to Kaye Menner. You can purchase this photograph by clicking here.)

Kaye Menner is an Australian mother who decided to teach herself the art of photography using various websites and courses. She draws inspiration from her mother, who is also an artist, and the beauty of nature.

*Her photographs can be purchased on Fine Art America & you can watch her videos on YouTube.

We have 2 second place winners! They are:

Iryna Goodall’s photo, “Muguet Melody.”

Toni Abdnour’s photo, “Little Pink Bloom.”

There are also 2 third place winners! They are:

Shane Bechler’s digital photo, “Stormy Skies – Green.”

Eva Lechner’s digital photo, “Easter Bunny.”

***Thank you to everyone who participated! You can check out all of the great entries by clicking here. Keep in mind that all of these works are available for purchase!

🍀I hope that everyone has a great St. Patrick’s Day! I will be spending it drinking lots of stout & eating too much which is why I had to write this post now instead of later in an inebriated state. 🍀

cheers 🍀



Blog post of 3/13/17 – another art sale & St. Paddy’s day art contest


Yesterday I had another person buy my scribble dachshund drawing on Etsy!


My weiners, errrr, I mean dachshunds seem to be very popular!

Anyways, I just finished reading “Essential Blake” by Stanley Kunitz, a collection of William Blake’s most important poems,  & have started reading “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde.

I’ve also been listening to a lot of Irish folk songs lately since St. Paddy’s day is coming up. I’ve always enjoyed the lyrics of old European folk songs. If you haven’t heard much of them, you will probably be surprised on how cleverly filthy many of them are. ha

Check out my art contest on Fine Art America for St. Paddy’s Day. I just had to do one being part Irish and enjoying a drink or two or five

The voting will begin in on Wednesday & anyone can vote!

Hope all my readers are doing okay! Cheers everyone!


Spooky Pumpkin Photograph – & The Legend of Stingy Jack


I modeled this pumpkin after the Jack Skellington character from The Nightmare Before Christmas, one of my favorite films.

Halloween 001.jpg

(Prints of this photo are available for sale on Fine Art America! Check it out here!)

The jack o’ lantern was believed to scare away evil spirits. It may have originated from the Irish myth about Stingy Jack.

Jack was a drunk who was known to play mischievous tricks on everyone in town. One night at the bar, he ran into the devil himself who came there to collect his soul. Jack came up with a clever trick. He asked the devil for one last drink. The devil transformed himself to a coin in order to pay for the drink. Instead, Jack put him in his pocket next to a cross so the devil couldn’t transform back. Jack only let the devil free when he agreed to give him ten more years to live on Earth.

A decade later, in the middle of a dark road, the devil came for Jack. Again thinking of a clever trick, he asked the devil to give him an apple from a tree. Jack then surrounded the tree with crosses, keeping the devil hostage until he agreed to never take his soul to hell.

Stingy Jack died years later, but he was refused entrance to Heaven because of his immoral life. Jack went to Hell to see the Devil and find how to get into Heaven, but the Devil kept the promise  and would not let him enter.

Jack asked, “Then where can I go?” “Go back where you came from!” the Devil replied. But the way back was very dark. Stingy Jack begged the Devil to at least give him a light to help him find his way. So he gave Jack an candy lit from the fires of Hell. Jack placed the candle in a hollowed-out turnip. From that day forward, Stingy Jack was doomed to roam the earth forever with his lit turnip to light the way.