The Winner of my 2016 Halloween Art Contest Is…

Sarah Batalka! Congratulations! She is the winner of my 2016 Halloween art contest hosted on Fine Art America!

Her adorable drawing entitled “The Pumpkin Carver” beat over 370 other entries!

hallowen again.jpg

(Prints of this drawing are available for purchase on Fine Art America! Check it out by clicking here!)
(This image is Owned & Copyrighted to Sarah Batalka. All Rights Reserved.)

Ms. Batalka has shared her beautiful drawings on Fine Art America since 2013. Her profile has been viewed over 180,000 times and she has over 440 followers! Although she suffers from a form of muscular dystrophy called Mitochondrial Disease, she continues to overcome the pain by creating artwork.

While Sarah does aspire to realism in her work, she still incorporates her own unique style into every drawing. This is why I believe her piece won the contest!

Please check out her profile page on Fine Art America by clicking here > Sarah Batalka’s Profile

There you can buy her artwork and read more about her! You can also follow her on her Facebook page!

Honorable mentions:

The 2nd place winner of the contest is Daniel Eskridge’s digital painting entitled “The Lady of Halloween.

Check out the piece by Clicking Here!

The 3rd place winner of the contest is RC deWinter’s digital painting entitled “The Witch of Endor As A Cavalier.”

Check out the piece by Clicking Here!

*All of the artists who participated in my contest are selling their work on Fine Art America, so you should definitely browse through all of the amazing pieces for sale! You may just fall in love with one or many!
***Also, please view all of the other frightful entries by clicking here > Contest winners & participants
I hope everyone has a Spooktacular Halloween!

Hibiscus Flower Photograph

Hibiscus Flower

I took this photo after the hibiscus flower first bloomed in my front yard. Often referred to as the Hawaiian flower, this plant has many uses. It is edible, and can be drunk as a tea, made into a garnish, & cooked in soup. Some claim that it can calm an upset stomach. Although I must admit that I have never had the urge to eat a hibiscus flower. I am content to just admire it.