Walking the Dog Drawing



I got the idea to do this drawing after seeing the artwork & listening to the soundtrack of one of my favorite films, “Mon Oncle (My Uncle)” by Jacques Tati.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a link to a funny clip: Kitchen Scene

Anyways, I used a black colored pencil to outline the figures & blue & pink watercolor for color.

It’s available for purchase digital download on my Etsy shop & in print on Fine Art America.

I hope that you don’t think this drawing is too Pawful ^^ (I just couldn’t resist making a bad pun.)

Simple Sketch of People Kissing in Profile


I had never drawn two people kissing in profile before, so I know that this sketch isn’t the greatest :p



screen kiss.jpg

This reference photo is a screenshot from the montage scene in the film “Cinema Paradiso” showing Olivia de Havilland & Errol Flynn kiss in “The Adventures of Robin Hood.”

But maybe you can give me a pass. These past few weeks have been hectic, beginning with Halloween. Luckily I don’t have much Christmas shopping left, so I didn’t have to head out today into the menacing crowds at the mall (I shudder at the thought.) It’s also a bit hard to feel Christmasie (that can’t be a word) when it’s 80 degrees outside!

Cartoon Drawing Inspired by the Glamour of Golden Age Hollywood


I have always enjoyed watching films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, so I decided to draw something inspired by it.



The hair is inspired by Veronica Lake, a starlet who is remembered for her ‘peek-a-boo’ hairstyle where one eye is covered by a lock of hair. This hairstyle was extremely popular in the 1930’s, but it went out of fashion during WWII when the women went to work in factories and had to keep their hair back so it wouldn’t get caught in the machines.

The eyebrows and eyes are inspired by Greta Garbo, the most famous actress of the era. Her eye makeup was intended to create a sleepy, mysterious look, which is said to have influenced Marilyn Monroe’s makeup.

The lips are inspired by nobody in particular. I just wanted to make it look as glamorous as possible. :p

Witch Hat Drawing – Happy Halloween 2016!


Witches are one of the most popular symbols of Halloween. They conjure up images of flying broomsticks & boiling cauldrons (pun intended).


(This drawing is available for digital download on Etsy. Check it out here!
Physical prints are also available for purchase on Fine Art America!)

I first sketched out the shape of the hat & spider with pencil, and darkened the lines with marker.

I then scanned the photo and edited it in GIMP (a photo editing program). I filled in the sections with various colors, put in some dots, and used a filter that made the texture appear more like cloth.

I hope you like the end result!

Have a spooktacular Halloween everyone!

Scared Black Cat Drawing – Fur Standing – Minimal Halloween


“Beware of the night, child. All cats are black in the dark.” -Jean Genet

I wanted to make a drawing that was simple yet spooky. I thought that the striking shape of a cat with it’s fur standing was a good choice for that. I sketched out the shape, darkened the outline with marker, and filled in the black with editing software. Here’s the result:


(This drawing is available for purchase as a digital download on Etsy.

Physical prints are also available for purchase on Fine Art America.)

Black cats are one of the most popular symbols of Halloween. They have long been believed to have physic powers. This belief was so powerful in Ancient Egypt that the cats were often mummified and buried with their owners.

I hope you enjoy my scaredy cat drawing!

Simple Dachshund Drawing



(Physical prints of this drawing are available on Fine Art America.
Digital downloads of this drawing are available on Etsy. )

Dachshunds, aka wiener dogs or hot dog dogs, are known for their intelligence & stubbornness. They can also be aggressive to strangers, but given their funny shape and small size, it’s hard for them to seem too intimidating! Like many other small breeds, they were originally developed to hunt animals like badgers & rabbits.

Here’s my drawing of a one. I wanted to keep it simple because their shape is just so ridiculous and noticeable. 🙂